Patio Renovation

Price: $10,000

Patio Renovation
Outdoor Garden Lawn Landscape Wood Primed Engineered Panel Siding Primed Engineered Panel Siding

Outdoor Garden Lawn Landscape

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Quality and reliability is our main priority"

Not easy to burn

Automatic water seepage

Firm glue & does not fade

UV protect

Soft & comfortable

Look 100% natural

Wood Primed Engineered Panel Siding

This product combines the rich cedar-grain texture of traditional wood siding with the advanced performance of treated engineered wood — to help extend its curb appeal for years to come. Tough to the core, this LP SmartSide panel siding is a treated engineered wood product that’s more durable, stable, and consistent than traditional wood panels. It’s easy to recommend for light commercial, shed and residential applications that require a premium look and the toughness to combat extreme weather.


Primed Engineered Panel Siding

Explore your style with an array of colors with our premium Compass Vinyl Siding. Chose from lighter, comfy neutrals, to dynamic, dark hues and worry-free wood grains. Compass Vinyl Siding gives you the largest palette of colors to chose from. Georgia-Pacific is made using the highest quality raw materials. The patented, proprietary technology delivers superior durability and performance. And to ensure the product is reliable, each batch goes through a rigorous 35-point checklist to make sure it meets exacting quality standards.